Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association

Arabian Horse Association affiliated club

PAHA Recreational Rider Program


This program is for PAHA members and is designed to provide incentive awards for those hours spent riding or driving your horse noncompetitively.  This includes hours spent trail riding, training and taking lessons.  Hours spent cleaning stalls, grooming, doing groundwork or participating in competitions of any kind do not count.


Eligible Riders enroll in the program and designate one or more horses that will be used for accumulation of hours.  Horses may be added or changed at any time, but all horses must meet the eligibility requirements. 


Hours are self-reported and will accumulate from year to year in which the Rider remains current in the program.  Level awards will be presented in the first quarter of each year for the previous year’s achievements. 



Start Date:      January 1, 2014


Initial Enrollment Fee:             $20/rider

Yearly Fee:                            $  5/rider