Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association

Arabian Horse Association affiliated club

Q.  Does PAHA or AHA actively support horse rescue efforts?

A.  Neither PAHA nor AHA directly support horse rescues. PAHA and AHA are not charitable organizations. We are classified as "educational" organizations under the law. Please refer to our bylaws at the website:



The objectives and purposes of the Association shall be those stated in its Articles of Incorporation and more specifically to:

B. Aid and encourage the selective breeding, exhibiting, use, and perpetuation of Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo Arabian horses.

C. Formulate publicity and other educational programs and activities in the interest of Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts.

D. Promote, encourage, and stimulate popular interest in the many outstanding uses and qualities of the Arabian Horse.”

If you are aware of Arabian horses that are in a distressed situation, encourage the owner to reach out to us. Members can be notified that there is a need before a horse gets to the rescue stage. Owners often have provisions in place to ensure that their horses will go to an appropriate home should something happen to them. Where this has not happened, networking among members when there is a need to place, locate or trace a horse can often provide a solution.

For those who have adopted an unpapered horse that they believe may carry Arabian blood, PAHA has various all-breed activities to include them, and we encourage lovers of the breed to join us regardless of registration or ownership status. Where possible, AHA can assist owners in registering horses without documents if DNA is on file. The future of the breed can only be preserved if the horses are given the gift of their lineage on record.