Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association

Arabian Horse Association affiliated club

Ambassador Awards and Special Arabian

Special Arabian Award

Any PAHA member may submit and entry.  Write-ups about a horse that is outstanding in promoting the breed and/or has another remarkable story should be submitted by November 1 of each year to:

Cricket Gates 

The High Point Committee will then make the selection.  A one to two page write-up is sufficient!!

Ambassador Award

Ambassador Awards are done on an annual basis and are open to all PAHA members to nominate a member who they feel demonstrates outstanding qualities in the promotion of the breed and in service to the organization.

Send your letters explaining why you feel a particular individual should be honored to the High Point Committee as noted above. 

In all cases, awards are at the discretion of the committee.

 2016 Ambassador Award

was presented to

Pat McQuiston 

for her tireless devotion to the Arabian horse community 

Past Ambassador Awards