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About PAHA

If you are considering joining the

Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association

you should know about its objectives and purposes, and the benefits of membership.

If you have any questions, you can contact us online or contact one of the officers for more information about PAHA. You do not have to be a Pennsylvania resident or own an Arabian or Half Arabian horse to be a member.

Objectives and Purposes

              PAHA's objectives and purposes are to:

Foster and encourage good relations between PAHA members and other associations and especially among the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), and United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

Aid and encourage the selective breeding, exhibiting, use and perpetuation of Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo Arabian horses.

Formulate publicity and other educational programs and activities in the interest of the Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts.

Promote, encourage, and stimulate popular interest in the many outstanding uses and qualities of the Arabian horse.

Benefits of Membership  click here

Officers and Directors

As of January 2024

The PAHA State Officers


Cricket Gates

Camp Hill, PA


Sandy Zeliger

Harrisburg, PA


Stephanie Dobiss

Tyrone, PA


  Irvette Timms

Hummelstown, PA


  Irvette Timms

Hummelstown, PA

The PAHA Directors At Large

Linda Manwiller

Kathy Hetrick

Val Bastinelli

Dan Kelly

Cheryl Schmitt

Cheyenne Miller

PAHA Delegates

   1. Linda Manwiller

2. Kathy Hetrick

    3. Cheyenne Miller

4. Val Bastinelli

Alternate - Cheryl Schmitt


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